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Benign Breast Tumors

Benign Breast Tumors

If you notice any change in your breasts, consult your physician without wasting time. However, there is no need to worry. Most of the mass lesions in the breasts are not malignant. In other words, it is not cancer. The benign breast tumors have usually smooth margins and are mobile with palpation. They are generally observed in both breasts.

Simple Cyst

Simple cysts are small, fluid-filled vesicles and they develop simultaneously in both breasts. There can be one or multiple lesions in various sizes. Their sensitivity and dimensions depend usually on the menstruation.


Fibroadenomas are the most common benign tumors. If you palpate them, you feel a mobile, stiff, round-shaped, and rubberlike mass lesion. They are usually painless and caused by excessive secretion of the mammary glands. They are more common in females between the ages of 20 and 30 years.

İyi Huylu Meme Tümörleri

Intraductal Papilloma

Intraductal papillomas are small wart-like mass lesions and emerge close to the nipples. They are usually encountered in women 45-50 years of age. They may cause bleeding from the nipples.

Traumatic Necrosis of Fat Tissue

They develop as a result of traumas of the breasts. The patient may not remember any trauma. The traumatic necrosis leads to the development of a round-shaped, hard, and stiff mass consisting of fat tissue. It rarely causes pain and usually occurs as a single lesion.


The simple cysts can be treated with fine-needle aspiration. No surgery is needed. A small number of cells are drawn with a small needle from the mass lesion in the breast. If the mass is diagnosed as a cyst, the liquid within the cyst can be removed. As a result of this process, the cyst disappears. The cysts may also disappear spontaneously. Therefore, your physician may prefer to wait for a while.

Fibroadenomas and intraductal papillomas can be removed with surgical intervention.

Without the biopsy, it may be difficult to determine whether the mass lesion is a result of the traumatic fat necrosis or another factor. Fat necrosis does usually not require treatment. However, if the patient complains from discomfort due to these lesions, they can be removed with surgery.

Do Benign Breast Tumors Occur in Males?

Yes. Breast growth concomitant with high tenderness can be also seen in males. This clinical condition is usually accompanied by a mass under the nipple. Although it may emerge in one breast, the involvement of both breasts is more common. This lesion, called gynecomastia, is not malignant.