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Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Approximately 1.5-2m of the part of the alimentary system next to the ileum is called the colon and the last 15-20cm distal part of the colon is called the rectum.

One in every 50 individuals develops colorectal cancer in their lifetime.

The most important symptoms are as follows;

1. Observation of changes in defecation habits
2. Blood in the stool
3. Narrow pencil-thin stool
4. Unexplained weight loss
5. Anemia
6. Extreme fatigue.

Kolon Kanseri Nedir


Surgery is the main component of cancer treatment. But before surgery, the presence of the spread to distant organs (liver, lungs, brain, bones, etc.) should be determined.

During surgery, the tumor-containing part is resected with the surrounding intact tissue. In addition, lymph nodes and mesentery, which binds the bowels to the body, are also removed. In rectal cancers, the tumor is removed along with one part of the left segment of the colon and two endings are connected. In cases, in which this connection is not possible, the surgeon may attach the colon to an opening created in your abdomen, and the other ending is closed. This procedure is called colostomy. The stool is collected in a special colostomy bag. This condition is usually transient in most patients, it is removed following the recovery of the colon and rectum. However, if the tumor is close to the lower parts of the rectum and anus, the colostomy may become permenant.

Recently, surgery is also preferred in cases, in which the colon tumor has already invaded the liver and lungs and comprises also the resection of the tumor tissue in these organs with encouraging results.